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I’m not even kidding guys…I already ordered 2!

A Multi-Function Clip That Hides a Toolbox In Your Hair

Andrew Liszewski

A Leatherman multi-tool hanging off your belt is a great way to stay prepared for emergencies, but it means you look like someone with a Leatherman hanging off their belt—and that part’s not so great. This innocuous hair clip is a better alternative. It manages to replicate the functionality of quite a few tools, but will all but disappear when used to keep your bangs at bay.

It can serve as a flat-head screwdriver, even for fixing those tiny screws on your glasses. It’s got a 5/16 wrench for tackling the occasional bolt, and there’s a serrated edge for hacking through rope, but hopefully not hacking through your hair when worn. It could very well be the smallest multi-tool you can buy for just $10, trumped only by the Q-Tip when it comes to cost versus functionality.


Jaroslaw Jasnikowski


Jaroslaw Jasnikowski

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Andreas Franke, The Sinking World


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Lee Price creates hyper-realistic oil paintings, that show women and food in their most intimate and private settings. The pictures are self-portraits of her, getting excessive with food that is considered indulgent, forbidden, or comforting. Her works addresses the intersections of food with body image, addiction, and unabating desire.


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Amazing School Desk Carving Art

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